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Plastic Injection Molding


Plastic Molding & Assembly

cleanroom solutions

Capabilities of our cleanroom facility include custom injection molding, assembly, pad printing, final pack, sterilization protocol management and fulfillment. The 3 total electric molding machines are equipped with robotics along with “on site” particle-count monitoring make this facility a strong choice for customers seeking state of the art clean room molding and manufacturing. Additionally, one machine is specified with a high torque motor and high-output heater band to give it the capability of easily processing high heat materials. Current product mix includes diagnostic meters and strips, surgical pump components, drug delivery components, cardio monitor assemblies, surgical accessories, optical scan products, and orthopedic components.

program management

Every program is assigned a Program Manager to follow and coordinate the program between the client and Infinity. This approach provides high-level communication between Infinity, the customer and any outside suppliers involved.

gowning room

One of the airlocks attached to the cleanroom is the employee gowning room. Anyone entering the cleanroom is required to cover all exposed hair, wear a face mask, gown, gloves and shoe covers before entering the cleanroom.

cleanroom injection molding

In our ISO 7 Class 10,000 Cleanroom, we produce parts using 2 Engel 110 all electric molding machines equipped with Staubli 6 axis robots and a 35 ton Mitsubishi electric with a Yushin robot. One Engel is equipped with options to process high temperature resins.

The main manufacturing area completely surrounds the class 10,000 clean room. We house the auxiliary equipment and material handling equipment in this area used to support the molding in the clean room. Our clean room pulls conditioned air from the main building, filters it, pumps it into the clean room and exhausts it back into the main building. This process ensures very clean air throughout the entire building as we exchange all of the air in the clean room every 50 seconds.


One of the steps taken to minimize contaminants within the building is the use of a Locking Door System (airlocks). The loading dock area is known for introducing contaminants into facilities due to the difficulty in policing the open doors during trailer exchanges. Our loading area cannot have an internal door opened while any external door is open – minimizing the amount of “dirty” air entering the building.

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Durable & Disposable

Medical products

  • diagnostic meters

  • strips

  • surgical pump components

  • drug delivery components

  • cardio monitor assemblies

  • surgical accessories

  • optical scan products

  • orthopedic components.

  High Quality Medical Molding    


  • PA 

  • PPS 

  • PBT 

  • POM

  • PVC

  • ASA

  • CAB

  • HDPE

  • LCP

  • MMA 

  • PC/ABS 

  • ABS 

  • PC (Polycarbonate)

  • PET and more....

  in class 7 cleanroom       

 Medical Molding & Assembly    

 Durable Medical Molded Parts    

  Disposable Medical Molding         


 Strong Tooling Capabilities     

 Molding and Sterile Packaging   

  Class 10,000 Clean Room Molding    

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